What’s this blog for?

My name is Ivan Lanuza. I was raised and schooled to be a skilled, well-respected employee. After 10 years of work, I realized I wanted to become an entrepreneur. A series of unplanned events followed. After another 10 years, I now find myself leading a Php 100M company that I partly own.

What you need to know is that I hope to grow the company to Php 1B annual revenue in a few years. Eventually, I dream of creating a unicorn ($1B valuation) Filipino IT company. This blog will document the journey – unfiltered. And hope that I can create a path that can help others in the future.

Brief History

In 2010, I started my first business. That business personally bankrupted me. I lost all my money and left me in debt. Took me years to recover – financially, emotionally.

I forgot about business for a while and focused on corporate life.

In 2018, I started my second business. I, and two others, built a software called Retina – a data analytics software. This one went very well – we had a paying client and 2-years cash-flow within 6 months. It was so good that even before we reached one year, we were already acquired by a larger company. I didn’t want to cash out yet – so instead of getting cash for the acquisition, I asked the acquiring company (iRipple) to give me ownership shares. In return, Retina is now under iRipple – and I come in as one of their executives/minority owner.

2019 was a great year with iRipple – through reorganization, additional hiring, and focus on operational discipline, we grew 30% in both topline and bottomline. I was feeling very upbeat about the future.

Then 2020 happened – and you know what it did to businesses. The only goal was to survive.

I start this blog in July 2021. 15 months since start of the pandemic. Business is still bad – but we survived. It is now time to go back to pusuing the dream. I will document the journey – and hope that you enjoy following along.

The dream

While my dream for the company has a clear financial goal, the dream is not really about money. Money is just easy to measure and visualize, so I mentioned it first. But the real dream is to build a successful organization that people enjoy being in. There are many companies that are financially successful but is a hell-hole. There are many companies that are enjoyable to be in but are really not going anywhere. I want to build one of those few companies that is BOTH financially successful and knows how to take care of people.

my dream / purpose for iRipple

What to expect

This blog will cover the journey. To respect privacy of others, I will occasionally change the name and specific details. But I will keep the storylines as detailed as a I can so that lessons can be shared.

This blog will not give all the answers. In some cases, I will simply share my view of what’s happening.

This blog isn’t the answer. This blog is not the shortcut. It’s simply a sharing of my stories towards reaching the dream – and through my journey, I hope you get some ideas and inspiration.

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