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Sep 16, 2022

To WOW means: to be better than before, to be better than others, and to be better than expected.

Vic Gregorio
CEO, Shakey's Pizza

Sep 10, 2022
Let It Be Character

If you want to attain something, let it be character.

It cannot be bought.

It cannot be inherited.

It cannot be bestowed on you.

It cannot be faked.

There are no shortcuts.

It is shown when you are weakest.

It is amplified when you are strongest.

It is extremely difficult to have. But not impossible.

And those who have character, find that other secondary attainments, like prestige, wealth, advancement, relationships, spirituality, and even happiness, simply come naturally.

If you want to be a REAL difference-maker in this world, seek to be someone of character.

Sep 7, 2022

Comparison steals joy.

FVP Lukban
Aug 17, 2022

The seven

Corporal Works of Mercy

The Corporal Works of Mercy are found in the teachings of Jesus and give us a model for how we should treat all others, as if they were Christ in disguise. They are charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their bodily needs. They respond to the basic needs of humanity as we journey together through this life.

Feed the hungry.

There are many people in this world who go without food. When so much of our food goes to waste, consider how good stewardship practices of your own food habits can benefit others who do not have those same resources.

Give Drink to the thirsty.

Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ do not have access to clean water and suffer from the lack of this basic necessity. We should support the efforts of those working towards greater accessibility of this essential resource.

Clothe the naked.

There are those who do not have the means to get for themselves the proper clothing required to carry out their daily activities. We can help them by giving them the needed clothing wear that can help them in their daily functions.

Give Shelter to homeless.

There are many circumstances that could lead to someone becoming a person without a home. Christ encourages us to go out and meet those without homes, affirming their worth and helping them seek a resolution to the challenges they face.

Visit the sick.

Those who are sick are often forgotten or avoided. In spite of their illness, these individuals still have much to offer to those who take the time to visit and comfort them.

Visit the imprisoned.

People in prison are still people, made in the image and likeness of God. No matter what someone has done, they deserve the opportunity to hear the Word of God and find the Truth of the message of Christ.

Bury the dead.

Funerals give us the opportunity to grieve and show others support during difficult times. Through our prayers and actions during these times we show our respect for life, which is always a gift from God, and comfort to those who mourn.
Jan 12, 2022

As a leader, how do you know when you are already the one limiting the team? It is when you stop learning and when you stop delegating.

FVP Lukban