Who I am

I live in Philippines. I am a father of 4 and a husband of 1 – this is my main role.

On the side, I am the CEO and part-owner of iRipple, Inc – we are 140 people strong – and my hope is to grow this organization to 1,000!

I am an entrepreneur. To date, I have founded 3 businesses – 1 failed (ouch!), 1 got acquired (yey!), and 1 in-progress (fighting!). When I started my career, I never planned to be an entrepreneur or an executive – how I got here, is a story for when we meet.

I am a nerd and a geek. A good day means having the time to think of a product to build – and then using the rest of the day to bring that product to life. The biggest software I built is called Retina – it’s an Analytics Software specifically designed for grocery retailers. It’s now used by more than 30 retail businesses.

After two decades of work, I learned how to enjoy my career: the destination or even the journey itself is not what’s important – it’s the people you are with as you go through the journey. So choose to be with people you like and have common values with.

I live in the tech world and I build products, organizations, and businesses – if those things are of interest to you as well, let’s connect.

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